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 Bellarri 18K Diamond and Multigem
Bellarri 18K diamond and multi-gemstone bracelet, tdw .77, tgw 20.88
  Martin Flyer Tennis Bracelet
Martin Flyer diamond tennis bracelet, tdw 2.00
  Sterling Silver Michou "Waterdance" bracelet
Sterling silver Michou "Waterdance" cuff bracelet with 22K gold vermeil, amethyst, rhodolite, rainbow moonstone and rose quartz
$8,640.00   $5,520.00 each  $552.00 each 
 Sterling silver Michou ''Infinity'' Cuff Bracelet
Sterling Silver Michou "Infinity" cuff bracelet with 22K gold vermeil, rainbow moonstone, Swiss blue topaz and pearl
$534.00 each         

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